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Is Conservative Investing Right For You?

Rules for investing often fluctuate and change but there is one that has stood the test of time: the older a client gets the more conservative they become.

It’s easy to understand why this happens, retirees need their savings to last and they’re not willing to risk losing their money. At the same time, this is one rule that can be broken and many times should be broken.

As advisors, we are finding it is very important to take a more careful look at our retired clients’ asset mix. In the past, retirees typically focused on bonds as a stable investment, but bonds no longer payout 5% like they did 10 years ago, and many experts are predicting bond prices will continue to fall. This change could have a major impact on a retiree’s portfolio.

At the same time, people are working longer today and there is no “standard” retiree. Everyone who retires is unique and has a unique scenario and set of goals. Some retirees find they have saved more than enough and don’t need to be aggressive, but with their spare time, they would enjoy playing the market and trying some more aggressive investments. Other retirees need more income and savings and in this case, more aggressive investing can be essential to them achieving their goals.

Whatever scenario you find yourself in don’t get stuck in the rule of conservative investing just because you are retired or nearing retirement. Take a careful look at your goals and options – the team at Beyond Wealth Management is able to help you clarify your retirement goals and find a plan to get you there. Give us a call today.

Source: Bryan Borzykowski,